Earlier this fall, Nintendo of America announced their plans for a Nintendo Switch: Together Tour. The reasoning behind this tour was to help showcase the success of Nintendo Switch as a platform and provide an ample opportunity for students to take a break from the anxieties of college life.

Unfortunately, not every college campus was fortunate enough to be included in the Nintendo Switch: Together Tour. Luckily, The University of Texas at Dallas, my local college – and the one I hope to attend for my post-secondary education – was included in the Nintendo Switch: Together Tour.

The University of Texas at Dallas is a rapidly growing, culturally diverse campus, so its inclusion was an excellent choice made by Nintendo.

“It’s awesome seeing Nintendo on our campus and it’s even more awesome seeing how much the students enjoy it. They are connecting with one another through Nintendo and encouraging social life through gaming.” – Greg Adler | Director/Coach of Esports at UTD

“It was very cool to see all of the people come together and enjoy Nintendo games.  Playing Smash Bros with random students across campus was a ton of fun too.” – Marcel Hayek

“It was a fantastic experience that was very well set up and organized which made the event that much better.” – Alan Arce

Unfortunately, this experience is now over for UTD students, but if you attend another college, there is a chance that Nintendo could still come to your campus.