Ronimo Games has released the first update for Swords & Soldiers II, taking the game to version 1.1. This update, while small, takes Swords & Soldiers II global by adding a few new languages:  Spanish, French, German, Dutch, and Brazilian Portuguese.

You can check out the Press Release below, You can also check out our review of Swords & Soldiers II HERE.

You’ve already taken down Sir Loin, Miss Chief, and Blackbeard, but are you ready to take on Seigneur DeVeau, Fräulein Unfug, and Barbanegra? Well, you should be, because Swords & Soldiers II v1.1 just launched on Wii U™!

We want everyone to be able to enjoy our accessible-yet-challenging sidescrolling real-time strategy game, so we made the game available in French, German, Spanish, Dutch, and Brazilian Portuguese, in addition to good ol’ English. Now anyone, anywhere can enjoy the game in their native language (as long as that language is included in the list).
A large part of the translations have been created by our very own community, so a big thank-you to them!

Swords & Soldiers II released as a downloadable title on the Nintendo eShop for Wii U two months ago, and has been warmly received by critics and players alike. Many players have already taken Viking Chief Redbeard on an epic adventure that spans the globe, and found that it’s not the size his axe that defines a man: it’s his beard. Don’t be fooled by it’s cartoony appearance though: the campaign in Swords & Soldiers II is challenging and will require wits to complete.

Once you’ve saved the world, challenge your friends in the critically-acclaimed local multiplayer mode, in which both players make use of their own screen thanks to the Wii U GamePad! Tweak settings, customize your army, and set up the craziest battles that have ever taken place in your living room!

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