Coming during a GDC presentation, Mr. Kiyoshi Mizuki announced that Nintendo is preparing to add Miiverse features in a future Wii U update. This update will provide players the ability to interact more within games. While within the game, players will be able to send comments, follow other users, and see all the great “yeah’s”.

Also, Miiverse posts will have the ability to launch a game straight from the post. For example, if a player completed a level of Runner 2 in 30 sec, they could past that to Miiverse with a tag of that level. A friend could then click on the tag to launch that level to try their luck at overtaking the time (One would assume both players would need the game).

Miiverse communities, which are already part of Miiverse, will allow players to set up communities with a specific in game-code, will finally be used with the up-coming Wii Fit U.

Also, the web versions of Miiverse are due in April/May with a 3DS version of Miiverse due later.