Some new screenshots were recently shared for Tiny Galaxy, a sci-fi platformer that will soon be releasing on Wii U.  Taylor Hajash of Arcane Pixel Games shared this comment with Pure Nintendo …

“Sara Live has come on board to help on Tiny Galaxy by updating the existing art work, and its most definitely a major improvement! Since bringing her on board she has almost completed all the current assets and we’ve started discussing new boss designs as well. Ill be having a new trailer with the complete updated art as well as new music from Matt Desind in the next month!”

I was fortunate enough to play an early build of this game, and it shows lots of potential.  I enjoyed myself, even playing with keyboard controls.  I can only imagine how playing the finished product on the Wii U GamePad will be.

Pure Nintendo will have more news on Tiny Galaxy as it gets closer to release.