“Yoga” for the Wii is the perfect present for anyone still looking for an extraordinary Valentine’s Day gift: Its exercises or poses keep the user fit, help stretch those tired ligaments and muscles, help keep joints mobile and relaxed body and mind – all in the comfort of your home. Give a gift of health and well-being with “Yoga” for the Wii!

In today’s hectically paced world, relaxation is much more than just a buzzword. Who doesn’t occasionally need to escape from the stress of every-day life, and allow body and mind to calm down? This could be the perfect gift for your beloved – “Yoga” for the Wii, RRP £29.99. This new software by JoWooD Entertainment for Wii is the first interactive and 100% Yoga experience. “Yoga” for the Wii won’t just keep you relaxed, it will also keep you healthy and mobile! Four highly detailed levels depicting authentic places and buildings of Asia allow beginners as well as experienced Yoga practitioners to immerse themselves in the fascination cosmos of this far eastern tradition, and to create an individual training program. The Wii Balance Board™ offers additional interactive feedback on breathing techniques and the accuracy of each Yoga pose. (All elements of “Yoga” for the Wii can also be played without the optional Wii Balance Board, though.)

A top model for Valentine’s Day
As guides and mentors in “Yoga” for Wii, players meet both an interactive Yoga guru – and international top model Anja Rubik. Anja, currently ranked #3 in international top model rankings, is not only “Yoga”’s main testimonial but also guides the player through central parts of the game, offering her own private Yoga hints and tricks. How does the 24-year-old top model keep in shape for her career? She’s been doing Yoga for years! Rubik uses the ancient Indian teachings both in order to keep physically fit as well as to take her mind off the hectic pace of a typical modeling day. “Thanks to Yoga, I remain slim and keep my muscles perfectly defined, and my joints stay relaxed and mobile. Yoga has helped me learn correct breathing techniques to control stress situations, and the back pains I got from wearing high heels have just about disappeared thanks to Yoga practice.”
Use Yoga to stay fit for a modeling job, and relax at the same time? “Yoga” for the Wii makes it possible!

About Yoga:
“Yoga” is a unique, highly innovative new game, and perfectly suited as a gift, because it is attractive to a wide variety of potential customers: In contrast to all other available games, this is the first-ever 100% pure Yoga experience. “Yoga is a top-quality game for everyone. No matter if you’re young or old, man or woman, or child or teenager – anyone who is interested in the traditional art of wellness, and wants to train their body and spirit with relaxing practices, will love this game”, states Markus Reutner, Marketing Manager at JoWooD.
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