Varia Games has posted a few ReVeN Kickstarter updates over the past week.  Below are portions of two, which include exciting information on a new prequel game …


ReVen X-Bridge


Hello fellow ReVeNites!

We apologize for delaying this update. In Short, we’re hoping to avoid getting side jobs so we can fully focus on ReVeN. To do this we have been working on a small tie in game while also working on ReVeN. We are hoping X-Bridge produces income to sustain us while also helping spread the word about our main game.

 ReVeN: X-Bridge is an 8-bit themed shooter\rpg prequel to ReVeN. Player’s will command Syrek in his ship as he restores control to the portals that lead to XR-Keres. X-Bridge is coming soon IOS\Android\PC. It’s designed especially for touch screens, but a free version will be playable on our website for PC in the near future which will use mouse and keyboard. An update on ReVeN is coming very soon, and a full update on X-Bridge shortly after.

Character Sprite Update

So back during the Kickstarter we showed off a SyRek Sprite Update. He pretty much got a visual overhaul and a raise in his resolution.

Reven Character SpritesFrom Alpha to Beta.. at least with the character design.

I had continued to touch up and adjust SyReks character sprite and I’d like to show you what I have fleshed out so far.

Many people said during our Kickstarter that the characters animations were very choppy. I would like to point out that we had only worked on ReVeN for Four months at that point. We had never intended that the character and his animations would lack that amount of fluidity and detail it did. It is one of the risks when showing a project still early in development. So lets take a stroll down memory lane shall we?

Reven animated sprite

First attempt

Originally back in September when I had started working on SyReks design and animation I had come up with this in a day. Back then I was sadly proud of this. Not so much now. Every so often I’ll look at it to get a good laugh and see how far I’ve come.

Read the rest at Kickstarter.