Publisher Wired Productions and developer Haemimont Games have released their isometric action-RPG Victor Vran on the Nintendo Switch. The Overkill Edition is available now in both physical and digital formats.

Victor Vran: Overkill Edition brings the original game to the Switch for the first time. Along with the full game comes two expansions, the ethereal Fractured Worlds and Motörhead: Through the Ages. Fractured Worlds is a challenging new chapter in the story, while Through the Ages provides a wild tour through the mythos, music and attitude of the loudest band in the world.

In Victor Vran, players are encouraged to venture and vanquish to their liking, with an array of weapons, outfits, and powers on offer. You’ll take on waves of enemies and battle bosses in a massive ARPG that offers 100s of hours of gameplay. The game can be played alone, or you can recruit a local ally or play with a team of four online.

If you’re an avid fan looking for something extra special, you can also pick up the Motörhead Collector’s Edition from the Wired store. This version comes packed with exclusive Motörhead goodies, all nestled withing a stunning Snaggletooth embossed collector’s tin.

Victor Vran: Overkill Edition is available on the Switch now. Check out the trailer below and let us know your impression of the game.

The team at Haemimont Games, which is based in Bulgaris, is especially excited about the game’s Switch debut, bringing the massive ARPG to a portable console. They’re keen for feedback from fans, so get in touch via the website below.