Nintendo has released a new video showing off the huge, open-world gameplay of upcoming Wii U exclusive, Xenoblade Chronicles X.

The game, which is is due for launch in Japan on April 29, looks absolutely amazing, and, although the video footage is in Japanese, you can certainly expect to be impressed with the gameplay alone.

The video will treat your eyes to a stunning space opening, followed by some character introductions, group combat, plenty of huge monsters, exploration and even some giant flying robots.

Xenoblade Chronicles X will hit the West later this year. In the meantime, there’s Xenoblade Chronicles 3D – the 3D remake of the original Xeno game that hit the US Wii in 2012 – which comes to the New 3DS on April 10 (April 2 in Japan and PAL regions).

Check out the video above and let us know all your Xenoblade-related thoughts.