Nintendo has released a new trailer for the upcoming NES Classic Edition, also known as the Nintendo Classic Mini in some territories.

Nintendo revealed some new features of the system via a press release last week, and the latest trailer shows these features in action.

The trailer starts by showing off the original NES before introducing the tiny, retro version. The NES Classic Edition will include three display options, including 4:3, CRT and Pixel Perfect. The video also compares the original (PAL) 50HZ and new 60HZ modes. Finally, the trailer demonstrates the new save feature – Suspend Points – with four save slots per game.

The NES Classic Edition will be released on 11 November in the US and Europe, and November 10 in Japan and Australia.

Are you excited about rediscovering classic Nintendo games next month? Let us know your thoughts below, and check out the trailer above to see the system in action.