The folks over at Fine Brothers Productions on YouTube used a segment of their ‘React’ series to let Kids React to the Game Boy, one of Nintendo’s first gaming handhelds.

While some of the kids seem to like the Game Boy for what it was, others didn’t quite find it that entertaining. Some of the kids couldn’t fathom even pushing buttons to play the handheld or understand how the games worked.  It is quite funny to watch the kids learn how to operate the Game Boy.  Inserting the game cartridge or even turning the Game Boy on provided a challenge for a couple of the younger children.  Take a few to watch the video above and let us know what you think of the Game Boy!

Being an ‘old school’ gamer, the Game Boy was my first handheld gaming console and I loved it!  I have so many fond memories of gaming on the go for hours.  Especially since moving was a frequent occurrence for my family, I found the Game Boy quite useful on long road trips.

We want to know what your favorite memories of the Game Boy are and what your reaction to the Game Boy is.  Let us know in the comments below!