The developers behind upcoming 2D platformer Nefarious have released a new trailer to show off the colorful style and humorous action of the game.

Nefarious takes a unique perspective on the typical platforming genre, putting the player in the role of the villain, kidnapping princesses and putting the boss in boss fights. The developers take the entire mechanics into account, asking how the game would work in reverse? And so you play as the villainous Crow, who travels the globe to kidnap princesses from different kingdoms.

Features include:

  • Lovingly crafted 2d animation and illustrated backdrops.
  • Reverse boss fights let you fight the hero.
  • Globe hop between five different kingdoms and even more distinct locations.
  • Unlock several ammo types for your grenade launcher
  • Mix and match customization options for 10+ variations on your explosive punches.
  • Mystery and Intrigue, that if uncovered, unlocks a secret ending!
  • Local versus mode let’s you play Villain ball with a princess!
  • Engage in a comedic story exploring and deconstructing the video game trope of princess kidnapping.

The team also spoke briefly about the development of the Wii U version in particular:

That’s a tricky question to answer at the moment. Namely due to Nintendo’s lotcheck process, something I’ve seen other game devs go through. Even with a complete game, it can take some time to get Mario’s nod of approval. But I can say we do have our Wii U dev kit fired up and ready to go. We’ll likely dedicate a few updates entirely to that process. Fortunately our team has gone through the process before with Tadpole Treble so we know what to expect.

Nefarious is due for release on the Wii U in January 2017. In the meantime, check out the above trailer to see the game in action. Are you looking forward to reversing roles for a change of pace? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

Find out more on the Nefarious website.