The following comments and information come from Vigil associate producer Jay Fitzloff…

“The visuals will be the same. It’s still a work in progress. But I know, at least as good is the way to say it. [Getting Darksiders 2 working on Wii U] is not as challenging as you might think. Getting it working was not any issue on the Wii U. It’s just the control scheme. It’s new territory. It’s a new frontier. The Wii, after a while, there’s a lot you could have done with the Wii controls, but everybody kind of got into a groove, and it became, here’s how you handle this or here’s how you handle this. Now it’s the wild frontier. There’s no set system. You’ve got to think outside the box because there’s no precedent. It’s not getting the game working on the system. It’s getting a cool control system that feels correct. And that’s where we’re at now.”

When we first got it up and running, you can have the game download to and run on the pad, and everybody was like, that could take a while, little worried. It took a programmer two lines of code and five minutes. Working with it is not difficult.

Any game would have their inventory on the controller screen, but even that little simple thing is a big difference because you never have to stop the game on the main screen. That will change people’s perceptions because you’ve never had a game where you didn’t have to. They take you out [of the experience], whereas this just goes. And you’re talking about the low hanging fruit. You’re talking about the easy stuff. The rest of it is where the challenge comes in. What do we do beyond that that makes it feel natural and integral?”

We have heard something like this before in conjunction with Wii U ports. Games that are ported over to the Wii U will look  at least, as good as the 360/PS3 versions. It can be argued that games build from the ground up, for the Wii U, will look a better.