Cubed3’s Adam Riley: Can you please explain a little about your background and how you believe your work on previous games helped to make Wario Land: The Shake Dimension a better game?

Nintendo: My career at Nintendo started in the “Metroid” team, then later I was involved in the planning and programming of “Dr. Mario”. I have taken part in just less than forty projects and one of the recent titles is “42 All-Time Classics”. Nearly ten of them are 2D platformers, so that I think I have enough experience to tell where players can enjoy themselves or even get stuck!

AR: How long did it take to complete the project and what were some of the hurdles faced in bringing a 2D project like this to a powerful system like the Wii?

Nintendo: Originally it was planned to be finished within one year, but eventually it doubled to a two year development cycle. It was just in order to improve the quality of the game, not because Wii is unsuitable for developing a 2D game, though. Actually, whilst Wii has advantages in running a 3D environment, it can, of course, run 2D games comfortably.

AR: The Wario Land series has a very strong reputation. Did your team look back over previous entries to ensure this new game lived up to the expectations of fans? And what are some of your favourite aspects of the ‘Wario Land’ series in general?

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