“Game costs are going to be $35-40 million, even $100 million, and the expectations are huge. You have to differentiate yourselves. One-hundred hour games are on the way out… How many of you have finished GTA? Two percent, probably. If we’re spending $100 million on a game, we want you to see the last level! I heard people say that casual games are where to go as an indie, but you still need to differentiate yourself because that’s a really crowded field,” he pointed out. “If you don’t make it on the front page you don’t get your game seen.” – Warren Spector

This is hard for me to hear. I have been searching, for the last couple of months, for a game that I can just immerse myself into the story and the game-play, and most games like that are long. Last week I went out and picked up a copy of Windwaker to play through for the 3rd time, just to have something to tame my craving.