What better holiday treat than a Best of Game Head 2007. Snuggle up to your sweetie pie tonight for a cup of hot cocoa and some friggin awesome games. Halo 3, Madden NFL 08, The Orange Box, Rock Band, Mass Effect. As usual Game Head was there. And now you can see it all again.

What exactly did the Simpsons writers say about Rockstar Games? Did EA really take over Times Square for the launch of Madden? And get Ozzy Ozbourne to show up? Who is the voice of Mario? And did we really devote 21 minutes to Jack Thompson? Really? Speaking of Rockstar… How would you have known that Jack Tretton scored an exclusive title from Take Two if it weren’t for Game Head?

Revisit all the moments tonight at 1a – On Spike!

Plus! Did I really just give 2 Production Assistants 50 bucks, access to Geoff Keighley, and a camera to go ‘Behind the Scenes of Game Head’. This is probably your only chance to see Game Head: the Mockumentary.

Its been an amazing year. And the entire Game Head team wishes to thank the industry for your support, your patience and your games!

This is Game Head signing off… I know the game and now you do too!

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