E3 is just around the corner, and we’re already experiencing a drought so to speak of video game news. Sure there’s always news, but it’s been awhile since we’ve heard any big announcements. So the question is: what can we expect from Nintendo at this year’s E3?

Already a number of you believe we’ll hear or see a glimpse of a new Zelda game for the Wii. I certainly hope so! It would make sense because the Twilight Princess was shown off over two years before it released.

Here are my expectations from Nintendo at E3:

  1. Focus on 3rd-party games (The Conduit, Mad World, Force Unleashed, etc.)
  2. Announcement of fixing storage issues (this probably won’t be a hard drive attachment, but will be an update to support external hard drives)
  3. Announcement of new 1st-party games for later this year (Pikmin 3, Kid Icarus (maybe), 1080 Wiiboarding ;) )
  4. Teaser trailer for new Zelda at end of presentation

Maybe not as likely:

  • Announcement of new DS–this seems to make sense though, especially since the PSP has been coming back in Japan by outselling the DS and Wii almost every week. I could definitely see them announcing a new DS for next year.

OH…and almost forgot….REGGIE IS GONNA KICK SOME ASS :))!!!!!!!!!!!

So…what expectations do you guys have for E3???

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