I wish I wasn’t in Africa this summer so I could experience E3 for myself. Don’t get me wrong I loved Africa, I just want to see for my self how E3 really was. There has been some rumors floating around this week, saying that the ESA is considering changing E3 back to it original forum and opening it back up to the public. When asked about it this is what ESA had to say:

“…the ESA does not comment on rumors and speculation and will make an announcement about the details and logistics of the 2009 E3 Media & Business Summit at the appropriate time. Each element of the Summit is opened for discussion and that process is ongoing to execute a productive and efficient experience.” – ESA’s SVP for communications and research Rich Taylor

I would love to see the old, light filled, booth babe, gaming nerd full E3 again. My question is, will this change be to late to save our beloved E3, and should if be tossed aside like an ugly Christmas coat? Or should it be reopened to the masses in all it splendid glory to it once was?