Yes, you read that right, I’m the dummy who lost their Wii Speak Channel golden ticket. When people first heard about the Wii Speak channel code, many were wondering what would happen if they lost their code, would Nintendo give them another one? After many days of speculation, Nintendo finally stated that you would be able receive another one, but the process was not made clear. Thankfully because of my stupidity, I have lost my Wii Speak Channel ticket and lived to tell about it. You can follow the steps below.

  • The first step obviously is to call your local Nintendo customer service representative, you can find that number on the back of the game box.
  • They will setup an account for you; Name, address, phone number.
  • Then they’ll ask you to cut out the Bar code from the box–they need that little number under the bar code

  • Send that cut-out of the bar code and a little explanation of what you need and your phone number
  • Mail it to the mailing address they give you.
  • After they receive your bar code snippet, they will call you with your new Wii Speak Channel number.

I wish I could give you all the info you need so you do not have to go through the process of calling Nintendo, but I can not, you need to set up an account with them. It’s really not a bad thing to talk with a Nintendo representative. The two times I have called them with a problem, they have been grand.