Pit your wits against chess experts from around the continent and prove yourself a master strategist in Wii Chess.Featuring state of the art artificial intelligence and the option of going head to head in two-player mode (with a friend at home or online via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection), Wii Chess will test your knowledge of the game to the limits and bring the intensity of international competition into your living room.

When you take your seat at the virtual table you will be able to control the movement of your pieces by simply holding the Wii Remote vertically and using the +Control Pad and A and B Buttons. Extensive options let you customise the look of the pieces and board you are playing with, while beginners can choose to get a helping hand in the form of on-screen prompts that remind them where each piece can move. You can even record and replay your games to see where you went wrong or enjoy your victory all over again!

Perhaps your stiffest challenge will come when facing the game itself. Boasting one of the best chess-dedicated artificial intelligence systems available, Wii Chess will have even the most experienced players racking their brains to avoid being backed into a corner. But don’t worry; you can ease yourself in by setting the difficulty to an appropriate level before working your way up to the ultimate test. Can you take on the best and capture their kings or will you find yourself facing checkmate in the blink of an eye?

* Compete against players from around Europe via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.
* Test your skills against the game’s advanced artificial intelligence and see how you measure up against one of the toughest virtual opponents on the planet.
* Simple controls and guidance for beginners means anyone can get to grips with the game straight away.

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