The coming years will see big things for the DS and related parties, predicts Hamamura. He expects the DS to cross the 30 million shipment mark in 2009. Echoing past statements made in his weekly column in Famitsu, he also believes that Dragon Quest IX could see a series’ record five million sales.It’s not all good news for Nintendo, though. Hamamura noted that the Wii hasn’t seen a second big hit at the level of Wii Sports, and cited figures that suggest 67% of Wii owners haven’t used the system of late. However, he admitted that Wii Fit is drawing attention, and added that it’s possible that more games make the platform switch akin to Monster Hunter 3.


I am not going to lie. Ever since I finished Metroid Prime 3, and with the release of Halo 3, and phantom Hourglass. My Wii has been put on the back burner. I am pretty sure it will not be there for long. With the Simpson’s game, Man Hunt 2 coming out at the end of this month. Also games like Mario Galaxy, Nights, and Mario and Sonic at the Olympics. I am sure my Wii will get plenty of playing time. So I am not worried.