“I really think it’s been about the breadth of appeal and changing the way that people think about videogames. So, for long time players like yourself, I think there’s a real appreciation of what this represented as innovation in the category. And for non-gamers, it disrupted a perception that videogames aren’t active. As your numbers show, with almost eight million sold life to date and a place in the Top 10 every month since it’s launched, it’s pretty clear that consumers love this game. I think that peripherals can really help expand the occasions for videogames. Certainly the Wii Vitality Sensor is going to enable us to keep innovating, to keep taking another step in expanding the appeal of videogames. So we’re excited about having it launch. I’m excited. And will be excited to share more details with you down the road.” – Cammie Dunaway

We all knew Wii Fit was selling like hotcakes, but it looks like the game is about to become the 2nd best selling game of the decade!  It’s hovering around 7.9 million units while San Andreas is around 8.1 million.  The number one game?  Wii Play of course.