Once again thanks to Alkaline from the neogaf forums for the Summary.


– The two receives five more games today, making them even busier than they were last week.
– Capcom have find it difficult to get stores to stock Zack and Wiki – very limited. Chobot and Peer found it different to get their hands on the game. Disappointed because the game is so awesome.

EA Playground
– Matt reviewed it – 6.6
– Wii Sports title that isn’t as good as Wii Sports.
– Overpriced at $49.99
– Bozon likes the slot-car racings, Matt thinks the paper-airplane game is ok.
– Confused as to why MySims and EA Playground didn’t have Mii Support given their distinct styles.

Cosmic Family
– Matt reviewed it – 5.0
– Really meant for young ages.
– Static 2D backdrop with little imagination.
– Has an MS paint-ish program to draw things which is kind of cool.
– Very limited and simple tasks.
– Severely overprived at $49.99
– Don’t bother with it.

– Bozon reviewed it – 6.3
– “Waggle-fest”
– First effort of a 3D fighter on Wii – pretty meh.
– There are much better fighters – DBZ 3 and Naruto.

Dragon Ball Z 3
– Bozon is pretty optimistic about it (gave first game 8.3)
– Kind of unconventional – flying combat, more based on building up super attacks.
– Tons of characters in the game.
– Should turn out really good.

Zack and Wiki
– Matt reviewed Zack and Wiki – 9.0 (editor’s choice)
– Probably the best 3rd party Wii game.
– Can’t replicate the experience on other systems.
– Anecdotal evidence – one store sold out, but they actually only had 2.
– Reader reactions are really positive.
– Both recommend that you don’t use the dolls to help you – it’s so much more rewarding when you don’t use any help.
– They’re really happy someone has stepped up to make something that rivals Nintendo’s work on Wii.

Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles
– Got in final version this morning
– New videos coming up tonight – direct-feed 480p.
– After E3 and today, Chobot feels underwhelmed. However, Matt and Bozon tell her to play more of it before she forms an opinion.
– Slower and more methodical than other Resident Evil games, but both are starting to like it. Not a masterpiece but still good fun.
– Gore has been toned down, but they’ve only played a little bit of the game. Think it will ramp up a bit.

Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games
– Got it in today.
– Only played a little bit of it, but so far seems pretty shallow – just lots of incoherent waggle.
– Fencing is not very good – just a lot of waggling. There’s also “forward into the screen” motions, which never seems to work well on Wii.
– Matt was really anticipating it but it’s just a mini-game fest and nothing special.

Battalion Wars 2
– Got it in today.
– Matt is pretty happy with it so far – good fun.
– Feels a lot like the Gamecube version, haven’t seen much new stuff yet.
– Visuals show quite a lot of improvements, especially the beautiful water.
– Using the nunchuk to jump is a bit frustrating. Using the pointer doesn’t really add much, especially in terms of camera control, which is slow and there is no sensitivity setting to change it.
– Doesn’t really make big jumps from the original in terms of game mechanics. They would have liked to be able to control the direction of your forces on a map.
– However, he still feels satisfied with it. He’s not blown away but he really enjoyed the original and this is a solid continuation of it.

Nintendo financial report
– Nintendo seeling 13.2 million units in less than a year
– Gamecube, in 6.5 years, only sold 22 million units.
– Will catch Gamecube in mid 2008.
– Wii software sales is also dominating Gamecube software sales.
– There have been 9 one-million sellers on Wii, including some surprising games like Mario Strikers Charged.

Visuals on Wii
– Not allowed to mention the title, but played a racing game recently that is multiplatform.
– Looked sluggish and blurry.
– Night-and-day difference to the 360 version, which felt intense and thrilling.
– All discuss visuals on Wii – they think Nintendo have done really well, but are still frustrated with the processing power of the system. Don’t like how Nintendo claims that visuals don’t matter anymore. Matt would have really liked the best of bost worlds.
– However, on the other hand, Nintendo are doing amazing in attracting new gamers. Peer talks about how his parents immediately ‘got’ Wii Sports, but normal games with normal conventions of play would always confuse them.
– Chobot thinks the 360 and Wii is all you need. Doubts the need for a PS3, which is a nice piece of hardware, but the support, costs and the attitude of Sony are really dragging the PS3 down. Peer – “this Christmas does not belong to Sony.”

Medal of Honor 2
– Got several copies of the game in.
– Had the sensitivity settings cranked to as fast as they could get it.
– Finally a game that does FPS controls that beats Metroid Prime 3.
– Matt doubts that these controls will ever be surpassed.
– Chobot found it much easier to control with the wiimote than she does with standard controllers.
– The AI is pretty mediocre. Sometimes you could shoot them but they still keep standing.
– The controls are not shoe-horned – “everything makes sense.”
– Pretty good looking game but not near Metroid Prime 3. Great to have 60fps. There are some sacrifices (eg: dead soldiers disappering instantly) but these are barely gripes.
– Metroid Prime 3’s motion is better but Medal of Honor’s is still fun.
– Turning the remote to zoom in with the wii remote feels really good and much better than the previous method of moving the controller towards the screen.
– The gameplay is pretty similar to previous Medal of Honour games, but the controls make it so much more.
– Bozon thinks it is “fricken sweet.” The controls make the game really fun. Chobot feels it slightly reminds her of Goldeneye.
– It seems the multiplayer mode has really come together, even though they didn’t get to play it.
– More coverage on the game next week, that will demonstrate the controls, which can be as quick as keyboard + mouse. Nothing on a console comes close of Medal of Honor’s control.

Online play on Wii
– Talk about the lag of some EA Nation games (eg: Madden) and how some don’t have lag (eg: Medal of Honor).
– Apparently it is because in games like Madden, there is individual AI for all players on the field, whilst this is not the case in Medal of Honor.

Some games coming up in the next two weeks for IGN to cover
– Barbie Island Princess, Ben 10, Dancing with the Stars, Monkey King, High School Musical, Bee Movie Game, Disney Princess, Spy Games, Hooked! Motion Fishing. All must-buys.

Reader questions
– Krystal in Brawl – Bozon thinks she will be an assist trophy. Matt doesn’t care if she’s in the game or not. Peer thinks she might be playable given the lack of Starfox support in the game.
– Peer is convinced that a Square-Enix character will be revealed before the end of the year, especially given how close Nintendo is working with Square these days. Also expects a Capcom character.
– Out of Link’s Crossbow Training, Ghost Squad and Umbrella Chronicles, they would go with Umbrella Chronicles. The other two are fun but simple, whilst Umbrella Chronicles has the most depth. Go with that for your on-rails needs.
– Skies of Arcadia 2 rumour – don’t know anything about it at this point.
– Both think there is definitely a Zelda game being worked on right now for Wii.
– Kirby Wii – listen to come out on Wii in 2008.
– The third-party Zapper is better than the official Nintendo one, but overall it’s just better to not use one at all.
– Apparently Walmart was given a large shipment of Zack and Wiki by Capcom, so they recommend you check there if you are struggling to find it.
– Animal Crossing MMO – Bozon calls BS. Matt thinks it is legit. Reminds him of those rumours of a Pokemon MMO years ago. MMO seems to go against Nintendo strategy on Wii.
– Hard-drive on Wii – Guitar Hero III shows that it’s vital for the Wii to have a hard-drive. Nintendo need to stop sitting down on the issue and actually do something.
– Discuss Guilty Gear score – there is conflict on the issue. Some think it is unfair, since the game works fine with the classic controller and Nintendo told us from the start that developers can use the classic controller instead of the remote. On the other hand, others think that the system is based on the wiimote, and not only that, but players are basically being forced to buy a controller that they may have not already had. Bozon thinks it should have received the same game since it’s just as good as the PS2 version.
– Best version of The Simpsons game is apparently on 360, since that is the prime platform for the game. However, they have to wait to see since they haven’t really gotten to play the Wii version.
– Bozon thinks King Story will be the next “Zack and Wiki-ish” sleeper-hit game on Wii.
– Matt thinks Nitro Bike will be decent. De Blob is stylish and fun. EA Blocks is good stuff. Harvey Birdman should be enjoyable.
– Peer wants to see a really well-done adventure game on Wii. Zack and Wiki kind of answers this but it’s a different style.
– All of them think Cruis’n will be horrible.