General podcast info

– Peer, Eduardo, Fran on podcast
– Matt out “sick”

– 3 days straight playing SSBB, including Eduardo
– Podcast mainly about Smash
– Peer thinks original Smash Bros should have been rated higher
– Nintendo thought Smash Bros. 64 was too violent – changed some things for NA version (sound effects)


– Currently unlocked for the podcast crew: Mario, DK, Link, Samus, Kirby, Fox, Pikachu, Marth, Luigi, Diddy Kong, Zelda, Pit, Meta Knight, Falco, Ike, Pokemon Trainer, Snake, Peach, Yoshi, Ice Climbers, Dedede, Ness, Sonic, Koopa, Wario, Olimar, Lucas – Can get characters through multiplayer or Subspace Emissary

Subspace Emissary

– Peer thinks SSE is boring – uninspired
– Run through levels – from Nintendo world, music, recognizable characters, funny cut-scenes
– Story doesn’t make sense
– Enemies are generic – not from Nintendo games – no sense of threat, involvement
– Bozon: It’s linear
– Something missing from SSE
– Peer originally thought footage looked awesome, but when you play, it feels like a chore
– Doesn’t play like a platformer/fighting game – floaty
– Peer: Not terrible, but boring, co-op is alright, not focused
– Franchises are at disposal, so Bozon doesn’t understand why you fight generic enemies
– Look/sound is reminiscent of classic games
– Pacing weird
– Had a lot of potential, expectations very high

– Master hand returns, strategies return from previous game – 15:00
– Other enemies in game don’t have a strategy
– 35% way through SSE


– Multiplayer still fantastic, it’s what the game is about
– Some changes, but core game still feels like Melee
– Added levels, characters
– 25 maps unlocked, 7 returning levels so far

– Map editor is awesome


– Eduardo: Snake’s level is simple, but cool – nostalgic
– Snake level – can break down walls
– Hard to reach the other platform when bridge brakes in Eldin Bridge level
– Bozon: WarioWare level mean but cool, Pictochat is cool
– Delfino Plaza is confusing because it’s busy – Fran
– Tough to see characters in some levels
– Yoshi stage compact

Level editor

– Level editor gives variety, you can make them fast
– You can unlock new items to use in the level editor – can be unlocked through training and other things


– Shield isn’t analog anymore – Fran doesn’t like the change
– So far Fran can’t find a way to do deflections
– Wiimote is really uncomfortable – actually hurts your hand, a little better with Wii glove
– Fran wants to slap Matt because he uses the Wiimote
– Nunchuck setup not too bad

– Smash ball has some AI with it – Bozon thinks it’s harder for you to attack it if you’re winning


– Mario: Water hose is new – you can pump it – Bozon thinks it’s lame. Fireball, cape for Mario – final smash is incredible – Mario seems downgraded
– Peach – very balanced – must be good at smashes. Recovery is good. Very identical to previous version
– Bowser similar to before – Can turn into Giga Bowser – not great final smash – hard to hit people with it, slow
– Yoshi – seems pretty much the same – Super Dragon is final smash – flying Yoshi wings
– Most characters didn’t change too much
– Wario: Bike is weird, stays on battlefield. Sometimes can drive off the edge of a level. Wario doesn’t have a “nuke-fart” – but does have regular farts – Can spin like a Samus ball
– DK: Very much the same. Jungle Beat final smash (old DK song, characters get beaten up)
– Diddy Kong: Awesome, a lot like Peach – can do a lot of hand to hand stuff – Final smash: peanut bombs – can get 5:6 KOs with it
– Pit: Eduardo thinks Pit is awesome. Triple jump, can fly. Not incredibly strong, but balanced. Final smash is kind of weak.
– Link: Shadow Link is a great addition. Very similar to old one. A little bit stronger. Final smash difficult – track somebody down
– Wind Waker Link: Don’t have him yet, but same moveset as Link
– Zelda: Very much the same. Final smash = Light arrows
– Sheik: Same
– Kirby: Exactly the same. Final smash – cooks people – good beginner character
– Dedede: Somewhat cool – has hammer, some interesting moves. Like a heavy Kirby
– Meta Knight: Does a lot of damage – not the best for timed matches – has weak final smash.
– Samus: Really well done. Can turn into Zero Suit Samus. Can start with Zero Suit Samus – quick, but not strong. Fran thinks she’s one of the best characters.
– Star Fox, Falco, Wolf play the same – Landmaster final smash
– Ness/Lucas – very similar – more of an expert character, slightly different – good for Ness fans
– Ike/Marth – Ike is almost like Roy. Have different movesets – not just a costume change.
– Ice Climber – Ice final smash
– Pikachu – Same, final smash is brutal.
– Pokemon Trainer takes a lot of work. Can choose which Pokemon starts initially. Squirtle is great, quick. Not actually quicker than Sonic, but more agile. Pokemon Trainer has a ton of versatility
– Captain Olimar + Pikmin: Difficult. Hard to see the strategy for now. Can throw Pikmin. Hard to understand Olimar’s strengths. Final smash is awesome.
– Snake – Awesome. Like Pit, new, friendly. Plant minds, throw grenades. Final smash is amazing – very powerful.
– Sonic – very floaty and weird. Feels like you’ll fly off the ledge. Same thing with Squirtle. Getting attacks to click is tough. Fastest character in game. Stage is very cool

Reader mail

– Bozon thinks preordering is very important – will be a huge hit – Walmart, Target gets huge supply
– Localization, possible manufacturing issues might have caused delay
– Favorite part/feature: Level editor for Bozon, Multiplayer for Fran, 4 player for Peer, amount of fan service – especially music
– Favorite assist trophy – Little Mac
– Matt spams Pikachu thunder attack – gets fixated on one thing, doesn’t want to lose
– Dragoon parts really awesome – Peer – almost an instant kill. Fran will turn it off, thinks it’s cheap
– Bozon doesn’t think it’s the best Wii game so far – not better than Metroid, Galaxy. Fran doesn’t know yet – Smash Bros. at core is amazing, original. Played it easily for 6 hours. Very little use of IR, including shooting sequence at end. Peer still likes Galaxy more. Fran thinks you need this game if you have a Wii. Matt would put it below Galaxy, Metroid.
– Favorite newcomer: Eduardo – Snake – well-rounded, Fran – Zero Suit Samus, Bozon – Pokemon Trainer or Pit – Pit is cheap, Peer – Pit, Wind Waker Link, Matt – Pikachu
– Subspace Emisary: Give options who you use, open-world map
– Speed of the game is a little bit faster, but you have to pay attention to that – Eduardo
– Final roster is real. Fran thinks there is a character in there really deep and hard to get. Maybe more characters through WiiConnect24.

– More Smash coverage soon
– Fran thinks everyone should watch King of Kong.