We posted earlier about a Japanese site that shows screens and clips of the new Opera browser. Well it has been translated and here is a interesting comment from Furukawa, one of the producers of the Browser:

We also received a lot of request about adding a keyboard hardware. At this time, Wii is not compatible with an external keyboard because of concerns like cost issues, but I do think it would be useful for text input, and it’s definitely something to think about in the future. Also, with the software keyboard in the Japanese version, it’s hard to tell the difference between the single byte and the double byte modes,1 and we had received many questions from people in Japan about not being able to figure out how to type in single byte mode. Of course, in the full version these two modes in the Japanese version will be a lot easier to figure out, and for all versions, fixed URL text that are commonly used like “www.” and “.com” are displayed on the URL input screen, and they can now be easily entered. I think the usability has increased dramatically.

Check out the interview here