Version 2 of the Wii Opera SDK has been released today, opening the door for homebrew Internet Channel homebrew programmers who wish to delve into 3D game design.

The Wii Opera SDK is an unofficial JavaScript library at which has allowed developers to access all four Wii Remotes and unlock the power of the HTML canvas drawing object since mid-2007. Version 2 adds the ability to create 3D games with imported meshes, real-time lighting, explosions, backface culling, and more. In addition, the official website has opened a 3D Mesh Gallery where enthusiasts can create meshes and models of their own to be submitted for inclusion for use and ratings by others. These meshes can be created in 3D modelling programs like Milk Shape then converted for homebrew games.

Two new demos of the SDK in action are available for immediate viewing at and . Those wishing to create games using the Wii Opera SDK can download its components for free at

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