The first game I’ve ever played on the Wii, like many others, was Wii Sports. I remember swinging my Wii-mote high in the air, and then smacking down hard to hurl my tennis ball across the court. The light workout and intense games hooked me, and I couldn’t get enough of Wii Sports. This same excitement is being packed into Nintendo’s Wii Sports Resort.

You will begin your adventure with a sky diving quest onto the island. As you plummet to the resort, you are able to make formations with other divers, free fall on your own, or spin in all kinds of whacky ways with the Wii-motion Plus controls.

I had a chance to play several of the 12 games, and I want to describe a few and how I enjoyed them.

I played the kayak game first. I set it to intermediate difficulty, and Kevin and I began our race. From the beginning, before the race began, I could see the Wii-motion Plus controls adding already. I could see the paddle moving with my hands. The reach of my paddle matched me impressively well. After the countdown, Kevin and I went crazy trying to get through the race. When I pushed hard with the Wii-mote I would get a big push, and my boat would go flying off in that direction. I did several 360’s in the water. The game took more skill than I thought it would. I can see people actually getting a work out from these games.  And, by the way, I won the race, but it was very close.

We also played the sword fighting game. It was exciting to see the sword move with me. The only issue I had with this game was that they went fast. Each battle between Kevin and I took less than 30 seconds. It turned into a real waggle fest, whoever waggled the fastest won. Maybe with more experience the game will become more skill based. Oh, and I won this one too.

The airplanes were a delight. On the back of each plane is a balloon with a number on it. You have a certain amount of time to pop your opponent’s balloons by whatever means possible. You can ram into each other, shoot your guns, or maneuver to places you don’t think you opponent will be able to make it through. The controls felt natural. The Wii-mote is basically your plane. When you aimed the front of the Wii-mote up, the plane would go up; and the same would happen with all other directions. If you thrust the Wii-mote forward you get a boost, which will come in handy when chasing or evading your enemy. The game was a lot of fun, although if you play too long you might get dizzy from all the swirling and spinning. And, sadly Kevin smoked me in this game.

The last game I will describe is Frisbee Golf. This game will most likely be the hardest to master. The one-to-one movements are nice, but you have to really get into the mindset that you are playing with a Frisbee. It took me a while to get there.  You have the choice of three Frisbees that each differs in distance they can fly. Once you have selected your Frisbee you swing your arms to the side, press Z while swinging forward, and let go of Z to send your Frisbee sailing through the air. It isn’t too complicated, but you have to watch how hard your throwing, which direction you let it fly, and how much lift you will give your Frisbee. Kevin was beating me, but I was rescued by Reggie, the president of Nintendo. He came to do his battle against Geoff.

The Wii-motion Plus gives Wii Sports Resort an amazing feel to each game. Whether you are flying a plane or wielding a sword, your natural movements will guide you. The controls can be precise, but until you get used to everything you may still have to wiggle the Wii-mote in a crazed frenzy to win. This is a definite Nintendo win.