In an interview with VentureBeat last Friday, Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli stated that the Wii U was extremely close to getting a port of the company’s recent release, Crysis 3.  How close were they?


“We did have Crysis 3 running on the Wii U,” Yerli stated.  “We were very close to launching it.”

Unfortunately, it sounds like business support from both Nintendo and EA, Crytek’s publisher, were lacking, which proved to be the killing blow.  “Since we as a company couldn’t launch on the Wii U ourselves – we don’t have a publishing license – Crysis 3 on the Wii U had to die.”

While losing another game for the Wii U hurts, getting a high end game like Crysis 3 to work on the Wii U gives hope that Nintendo’s newest console can keep up with the upcoming PS4 and Xbox 720/Durango.