All Nintendo Wii U Deluxe owners can finally rejoice! The Deluxe Digital Promotion is now live. To set up an account on the Deluxe Digital Promotion website, just log in with a Nintendo Network ID and password.  The Deluxe Digital Promotion website will provide a run down of what is eligible and what is not eligible for points.  I have already logged in to set up my account and I can confirm that it is retroactive.  All of my eShop purchases since launch have been accounted for.  In fact I have already been credited for my first $5 eShop code.  Please make sure that all Wii U Deluxe owners sign up for this promotion as it is only for a limited time and eShop purchases through December 2014 will be accounted for.  This is a great opportunity to receive some great eShop content for free and we would hate to see anyone miss out!