When a new piece of hardware releases, there is almost always a mad rush to get it first.  This ‘get it first’ mentality has caused some people to go out and buy electronics just to make a quick dollar.  One website guilty of facilitating this is eBay.  On eBay right now if you search Wii U, a list of auctions featuring Nintendo’s Wii U being auctioned off at prices well above $1,000.  I do realize that right now you cannot pre-order the Wii U at any brick and mortar because they are sold out.  Adding to this frustration is the fact that it is not even available to pre-order online.  This forces many consumers to search elsewhere, on sites like eBay, to try to obtain a pre-order.  Within the grouping of consumers who were lucky enough to snatch up a pre-order, there is an even smaller grouping of consumers who think that it is okay to jack up the price well over twice what Nintendo is offering, even for their most expensive console bundle.  In my opinion this is just low and honestly just not fair to others.  While I am not against someone trying to make some money, I am against people buying things just to resell it at an astronomical price.  Not only are you limiting the ability for someone to get an electronic device at a fair price just like everyone else but making the consoles availability even more scarce by hoarding pre-orders to make some money.  Is this practice going to see an end anytime soon? No, probably not.  Is there a way to end this price gouging?  The only feasible solution I see to ending this problem is to stop supporting the behavior.  Can all consumers band together and stop purchasing/supporting from these hoarders? Again, the answer is no, probably not.  So with no foreseeable solution to this problem we will just have to live with it.  I can only hope that people will begin to realize that this is not fair to fellow consumers and just cut it out because you are really taking the fun out of it for everyone.