Nintendo has just released the latest update to the Wii U’s operating system.  The most notable detail of this latest system update allows users to transfer Wii U data between Wii U consoles.

Here is what can and cannot be transferred between systems:

The following is transferred during the system transfer process:

  • All users and any Nintendo Network IDs. Content associated with any transferred Nintendo Network IDs will be available on the target system, including:
    • Software and funds from the Nintendo eShop
    • Friend List data
    • Miiverse data
  • Parental Control settings
  • Save data from the source system, including:
    • Save data from games
    • Data from applications, such as Daily Log, Internet Browser, Animal Crossing Plaza, video on demand applications, Nintendo TVii, etc.
    • Mii characters from Mii Maker
  • All downloaded content, including add-on content, update data, etc. The downloaded content will automatically download to the target system once the transfer has been completed
  • USB storage data. Any device that has been paired with the source Wii U will be available to use on the target Wii U if connected
  • Wii Menu data, including downloads, save data, and any Wii Points

The following is not transferred during the system transfer process:

  • Internet Settings, TV Settings, and TV Remote Settings
  • Sync information for Wii Remotes, Wii U Pro Controllers, Balance Boards, and other controllers that were used on the source system

In order for the transfer to take place, users will need to make sure both Wii U’s are fully updated (in this case, 5.1.0U).  Once the transfer is complete, the other Wii U will be reformatted.

The latest update also allows eShop Navigation with the Wii U Pro Controller, Classic Controller, and WiiMote.

Aside from these major features, 5.1.0U also makes “Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience.”