During the Nintendo Direct today Mr. Satoru Iwata mentioned the April Wii U update which they announced would launch next week.  The update will shorten up the lengthy loading times, as seen in the above video, and also bring a few more features to the Wii  U.

The Wii U update will not only minimize loading times but also change quite a bit more on the Wii U. Access to Wii Mode on the Wii U requires players to turn on their Wii U’s and then switch to Wii Mode from the Wii U Home screen.  After next week’s update players can access Wii Mode by simply pressing the B Button on the GamePad as the Wii U powers on.  Doing this will load up Wii Mode rather the regular Wii U menu.  The update will also let players transfer data in between USB storage devices.  Nintendo even took convenience a step further and made software updates less of a hassle which is seems to be the best upgrade included in the new Wii U update.

Software updates are usually the most painful part of loading up a game but Nintendo is aiming to make this a less obtrusive process.  Software updates will occur automatically without having to start up software.  Downloaded software can be also be installed while playing a game.  After players have started a software download, with a new ‘standby function’ the software can be downloaded and installed even when the Wii U is powered off.  Beyond upgrades to the Wii U system itself there were also game and app announcements during the Nintendo Direct presentation.

The day after the system update the Wii U Virtual Console will become available initially including offerings from the NES and SNES.  Wii U owners who have already transferred their Wii Virtual Console games to the Wii U will be able to purchase the Wii U version of these games at a discounted price.  The Wii U versions of Virtual Console games will feature Off-TV Play and will each have their own Miiverse Community.  Nintendo will be adding GameBoy Advance and N64 titles to the Virtual Console service in the future.  In addition to the Virtual Console service, a demo for the Panorama View app will be available and will give people a chance to experience the virtual tour app.  Individual Panorama View virtual tours will cost $2 each.