I hope that everyone has enjoyed the extra channels that Nintendo has provided for the Wii because as of today, June 28th, channels that are associated with the WiiConnect24 service are no longer going to be available.  Many game hardware companies shut down online services for older consoles as they shift resources over to newly released hardware.  Nintendo is now amidst this shift and will be discontinuing service for the following Wii channels for Wii users across the globe.

  • Nintendo Channel.
  • News Channel.
  • Forecast Channel.
  • Everybody Votes Channel.
  • Mii Contest Channel.
  • Data exchange with friends via WiiConnect24

Hopefully Nintendo is planning to create new channels or apps for the Wii U.  I personally did not use the additional channels on the Wii very much but I would be interested to see what Nintendo could or would cook up for the Wii U.