Did you approach Nintendo about making a WiiWare title or vice versa?

Braben: They came to us with the concept of WiiWare and we thought it was perfect [for LostWinds]. Then in a relatively quick time we put together the game. We had a lot of concept art which we showed Nintendo and I think to be fair we were both quite excited by it because we thought it would be fun.

Grossman: Ooh. That’s a good question. I think we approached them first a long time ago about doing something for the Wii. I think for a little while it was hard for us to get our phone calls returned until Sam and Max started coming out and they got very excited about it and then they started talking to us [about SBCG4AP, pictured below].

Swartz: Oh no, no. We went to them. It would have been nice if they had called us up and said ‘hey, we’ve got this great game, you should do it,’ but no, unfortunately we had to go to them.

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