Sega has trademarked the phrase Sonic Unleashed for “video game software [and] computer game programs,” which more than likely means another Sonic game is headed our way. And lo, was this member of Game|Life awash in utter apathy. No, not apathy, regret. Deep, painful regret and sorrow over a the loss of a beloved member of our gaming family.The truth cannot be denied any longer. Sonic the Hedgehog must die.

I say this not because I hate Sonic, but because I love him, or rather, I loved him.  In truth, the blue hedgehog we knew and adored passed away many years ago. What is left is little more than an animated corpse, put on gruesome display for the profit of its puppeteers. This modern Sonic is a an abomination, a grotesque that simply should not be, and I, for one, am calling for his head.

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I am a super BIG Sonic fan. This may seem blaphemis to you “hardcore” Nintendo fans, but I think I finished the first Sonic game before I finished any Nintendo game: (I only had Mario games at the time) Sonic was such a great idea and change of speed (pun attended) from traditional games of the time. As games began to move into the 3d world, the Sonic franchise was left in the dust. (yes another pun) Do I think we should kill off Sonic games? Yes and no. Yes, If Bioware doesn’t get their act together for the greater good of 3d Sonic games, they should just put the speed king to rest. What Bioware should continue to concentrate on ,is the 2d hand held versions of Sonic. Sonic GBA and DS where fairly decent  games. Finally, you can not talk about Sonic and not mention, Mario and Sonic at the Olympic games, which is selling very well, especially in the UK, and the up coming Sonic tennis, which shows promise. Are these titles all that our beloved Sonic has left in his tank? (pun)  A life  full of mini-games, 2d platforms, and Mario like sports games? Where ever 3d Sonic games are heading, grave or a rebirth, I hope it gets there fast (if you are keeping track that the 4th pun)