I dare you to watch this trailer and not get at least a little bit excited for this game. It just has so much quirky charm to it. This is the official prologue trailer for Platinum Games’ The Wonderful 101.

It’s pretty obvious that superheroes have been pretty vogue in the media recently. It seems like each summer is filled with more superhero blockbusters than the last. The Wonderful 101 looks like a refreshing addition to that genre. It’s campy, it’s awesome, and it’s so totally Saturday morning TV. The game features the Centinels, a group of superheroes tasked with protecting the nation (and as seen in the trailer, saving children from runaway buses). The heroes are able to literally band together and create items and weapons out of their own collective bodies, like the Unite Fist and the Unite Sword. Yeah, I know, it’s pretty rad.

I had a chance to play a little of this at E3, and it’s fantastic. It’s fast and frenetic, the gameplay is surprisingly intuitive, and it uses the GamePad well. Check out this Wii U exclusive title on September 15.