SAN RAFAEL, CA, August 18, 2009 — Tales of Monkey Island, the new five episode adventure from Telltale Inc, has triumphantly set sail toward the open seas. Based on the beloved adventure series starring Mighty Pirate Guybrush Threepwood, Tales of Monkey Island delivers the first new Monkey Island storyline in nine years. This series of maritime escapades has proven a tremendous hit with seadogs and landlubbers alike (otherwise known as ‘critics’ and ‘consumers’ for the nautically challenged.) The auspicious debut of Tales of Monkey Island makes it the best performing series to date for Telltale, which recently commemorated its fifth anniversary. The first chapter “Launch of the Screaming Narwhal” quickly catapulted to the #1 position on the top 20 WiiWare service popularity charts in multiple regions around the world for the weeks of August 3rd and August 10th and also secured the #1 slot on the Top Seller’s list for Steam’s online channel in its launch week.

Tales of Monkey Island Chapter 2: “Siege of Spinner Cay” will launch for PC on August 20th with the WiiWare edition following shortly thereafter. The five-chapter series can be purchased for $34.95 on PC at and the WiiWare games are available from the Wii Shop Channel.

“We’re happy to see that Tales of Monkey Island has captured the interest of longtime fans and new customers who can appreciate a great game when it comes across their horizon,” said Telltale CEO Dan Connors.

Tales of Monkey Island Chapter 1 has been very well received by the media:

The Onion AV Club: A well-deserved fresh of breath air puts more wind in the sales of a beloved franchise.

Chicago Sun times: Grossman and the rest of the Telltale Games team have succeeded in creating a fun and funny point-and-click adventure that recalls the gameplay of the heyday of the original series. The cliffhanger ending should leave you on the edge of your seat for next month’s installment.

GamesRadar: Easily Telltale’s best game so far, and the funniest comedy adventure in ages.

In the tradition of classic movie serials, Tales of Monkey Island will unfold over five months, with each chapter raising the stakes on Guybrush Threepwood’s quest to eradicate an insidious voodoo pox, reunite with his wife and vanquish his arch rival LeChuck. The story deepens through interweaving threads in each chapter building to surprising twists in the grand finale coming this fall!

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