THQ Inc. today announced the launch of its World of Zoo video game Web site,, which includes a trial application of the company’s state-of-the-art downloadable Animal Creator tool that will allow players to create and design their very own World of Zoo animals. The Animal Creator program is a new and unique feature available only in World of Zoo, which is scheduled to be released to all major retail outlets for Wii home video game system, Nintendo DS, and Windows PC in November 2009.

Using the Animal Creator program, players will be able to create their favorite zoo animals, save them on their hard drive, and share them with their families and friends via e-mail and other social networking or photo sharing sites. Players can also upload their customized animals into the full retail version of the Windows PC game once it is available, place the animals in their exhibits, and interact and play with them. World of Zoo has more than 90 pre-loaded animals in the game, and with the Animal Creator, players can create an endless number of animal species with different names, colors, traits, and personalities.