We posted some screens earlier for Worms: Open Warfare 2.  Now, IGN has confirmed that the PSP and DS version will feature online multiplayer.  Here are the details on the niwifi multiplayer:

Predictably titled Worms: Open Warfare 2, the game’s Wi-fi multiplayer mode allows players to compete across the globe and battle stats are then updated to leaderboards on the Open Warfare 2 website, so you can easily see how you compare to other Wormers. As yet the number of simultaneous online players competing in a single game has yet to be announced.

As well as the multiplayer mode the sequel also has plenty of new customisation options, including a level editor, team flags, tombstones and even victory dances for the worms. Here’s hoping the Funky Gibbon is included in the dances.

No word on how many people can be in a game at a time while online, but I would imagine it would be at least 4.  We should hear more about this game soon.  Stay tuned.

Source: IGN DS