The information below comes from Cheesemeister3k amazing translation. Make sure to give him a follow on Twitter for any Japanese related gaming translations or important musing. I will update this post when a translated version of the video is made available.

– Congrats on passing your Doll certification exam. You’re now a pilot. You’re responsible to support NLA and explore Planet Mira.
– Doll types. Doug knows a lot about Dolls. Light, Middle, Heavy types. Light type: HP is low, evasion is high. Middle: balanced.
– Heavy type: HP is high, agility is low. Which to choose is up to you. They’re not just to look at. Let’s see them in action.’
– Dolls can all transform into wheeled vehicles: motorcycles, cars, treaded vehicles. Transform into flying machines as well.
– Dolls can be customized to your liking by buying parts, though it can be expensive. Dolls also use weapons and arts in battle.
– Hand weapons are used in auto-attacks. Arm weapons include beam shields and vulcans. Spare Weapons incl. beam sabres, granades.
– Back weapons can be pulled out for high-powered attacks. Shoulder weapons are even more powerful still. Some aren’t in shops.
– It makes you want to customize the strongest possible Doll, no? Customize the color and name. Dolls require fuel, even w/ arts.
– If you run out of Doll fuel, you won’t be able to use arts, and will fall from the sky if flying. Fuel recovered slowly.
– Additional fuel can be bought in NLA. Manage it carefully. Catch enemies with your Doll to prevent them from moving, do combos.
– Cockpit mode can be used to manage the timing of arts execution. Overclock gears carry various effects, suspend fuel usage.
– Doll insurance. If an arm is broken off, it’ll become unusable. It can even be totally destroyed. Insurance restores up to 3x.
– Think about dismounting from your Doll when it’s low on HP in order to prevent its destruction. HP recovers while dismounted.
– Doll defense. Mixed parties of humans and Dolls provide boosted defense for the human characters so they can also fight.
– Aliens are invading NLA. The city must not be lost. Protect it! Others will help you on Mira. Meet other Blade members online.
– Cooperate and gain experience together. Form squads of 32 members to share free text Blade reports and explore efficiently.
– Approve of helpful Blade reports and popular posts will be shared across the game with everyone. Treasure Deals allow swaps.
– Squad Missions allow everyone to cooperate in defeating prescribed numbers of various enemies. Squad Quests are for 4 players.
– The degree of world exploration is tracked. World Enemies are large bosses to be fought together. There are 8 Unions to join.
– Ranking boards. You’re not alone on your quest. Connect with others on your quest. Everyone and everything on Mira is connected.