Nintendo and Monolith Soft have revealed a new trailer giving some details to the story surrounding the upcoming Xenoblade Chronicles X.  The entire trailer is in Japanese, so we only have a few clues to go on. In addition to the plot, we get a glimpse of the alien races which will appear along side of the humans, though none of them seem to be very friendly, with the exception of Ru, who is piloting one of the Dolls later on in the trailer.  One scene implies that even some humans will turn against one another.  Curiously, the trailer also shows a creature that looks awfully close to a Telethia from Xenoblade Chronicles.  Hopefully we will get a subtitled trailer in the near future.

Xenoblade Chronicles X will release in Japan on April 29, 2015 with European and North American releases TBA.


[Source: Siliconera]