In our second step on this journey, we take on the world’s strongest mechon, Ancient Daedala (apparently pronounced deediluh).  This giant mechon is considered by some to be the true first of the Superbosses, with a level of 105.  As Shulk, Dunban, and Melia continuously kick Daedala’s metal shins, Matt, Justin, Kate, and Alex discuss their opinions on Italian Robots.  The gang also talks about different party combinations (and why Riki is MIA).

The intro is much shorter this time around, since I’ve already explained what you need to know on skill links and arts, so we get right into the action that much faster.

About this series: Watch Matt and a cast of PureNintendo Panelists tell you what to expect when taking on these formidable foes.  To show you we aren’t just blowing smoke, each video will be capped of with a showdown.  Due of the nature of this series, I want to give a huge spoiler warning.  Everything we’re about to show you takes place at the end of the game, which means no conversation is off limits, and we may say something that is a huge spoiler for the plot. Watch at your own risk.

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