One of the highlights of today’s downloads was XType Plus, a Nintendo Web Framework shooter selling for a budget price. Unfortunately it seems a sizable leaderboard bug has resulted in the game being removed from the eShop for the time being, though those that have already downloaded it can still play it minus the disabled online features.

Dominic Szablewski of PhobosLab reveled the news earlier today on Twitter, and expounded on details to Nintendo Life

“Shortly after the EU launch we had people reporting hard lockups of the console every time they tried to access online functionality. We haven’t seen these issues before, because it likely only happens with a few hundred entries in the highscore tables.”

Dominic’s gone on to tell Pure Nintendo that it was a mutual decision between Nintendo and PhobosLab to “pull the game until the issues fixed.”  No word on when that might be at present, but we’ll be sure to update accordingly.

A couple members of the Pure Nintendo team had received early press codes, and were enjoying comparing scores with other members of the media.  I suspect that once this bug is ironed out many will enjoy the game, especially at its budget $2.99 price.

Did you download XType + before it was pulled?  Did you experience any bugs?  Were you enjoying the game?  Please share a comment with us if you like.

XType +