Today, the Pokemon company has released another trailer showcasing some of the new features for the upcoming Sun and Moon games. Probably the biggest shock to Pokemon fans is the introduction of Alola Form Pokemon. As the video suggests, certain Pokemon are thriving in Alola, and as such their looks and even typing have changed. So far Exeggcutor (now grass/dragon), Sandshrew (ice/steel), and Vulpix (ice/fairy) have been revealed, and their new typings should definitely see them make a return to the competitive battling scene.

Z-moves were also showcased, and it was revealed that these are ultimate moves that can only be used once per battle. There is one Z-move for each elemental type in the game.

Rather than face traditional gyms this time around, your character will travel to the different islands of the Alola region to take on the island challenge. Your character will have to complete trials given by the trial captain of each island to prove your strength. At the end of each trial, a totem Pokemon awaits. These Pokemon can call on others to help them in battle. Beat all the trails and totem Pokemon battles for each island, and you’ll be given a chance to face off against the Kahunas, Alola’s strongest trainers.

Of course with a new trailer, we also got to take a look at some new Pokemon. With all of the new information revealed, Pokemon Sun and Moon seems to be shaking up the traditional formula the series has followed since the very beginning. How do you feel about these new changes? Are you excited for Alola Form Pokemon? Let us know what you think!