Zoonami, the developer founded by ex-Rare employees, is now looking for qualified people to work on an upcoming Wii project. Could this be the infamous “Gamezero” or another completely different game? At this point it’s anyone’s guess.

Senior Programmer for Wii

Zoonami is a small and dynamic independent games developer based in the beautiful town of Cambridge, 50 minutes from London by train.

We are currently looking for a senior programmer to join our team in a casual and friendly working environment. The position is exceptional as it involves many aspects of programming, including technical, creative and gameplay elements, so you will be expected to have a broad range of experience and a willingness to learn and work in a variety of areas on the Wii platform.

This is good news and hopefully it will lead to Gamezero, which never saw the light of day on the Gamecube.

Source: Gonintendo