Justice is best served free.

Looking for some adventure this weekend? Look no further than 19th century Spanish California. The legendary hero, Zorro, and his sister, Ines, are out to restore justice, and you can join them for free via our Zorro the Chronicles game giveaway courtesy of Nacon.

Zorro the Chronicles is a kid-friendly action adventure game based on the animated series of the same name. In it, players will take on the role of Zorro or Ines as they stealthily make their way through 18 levels of exploration and action-filled combat. The game’s sense of humor and blood/death-free combat  keep the proceedings light, making it a good choice for young players seeking a fun, action-filled adventure.

In our recent review of the game, writer Kirstie Summers stated, “…Zorro The Chronicles does a lot of what it sets out to achieve. It’s not the deepest or most complex game you’ll ever play, but neither is it designed to be. It’s a beginner game for kids to feel more immersed in the world of a TV show.”

Of course, isn’t the kid in all of us a Zorro fan?

To enter for your chance to win one of four download codes for the game, simply share our Zorro the Chronicles giveaway tweet and comment to tell us what you’re playing this summer. For more information on the game, visit www.nintendo.com.