Brought to us from the team behind Sudoku Party, comes Link-a-Pix Color, a title with a collection of various pixel puzzles.

The gameplay is quite simple; link the pixels, by color and number, to create a picture. How you go about linking, is the bulk strategy of the puzzle. The 120 different puzzles in Link-a-Pix Color grow harder and larger the further along you go in the collection. You can use the d-pad and ‘A’ button to control, but I personally found the stylus much more efficient. A way to check for errors in your linking is by clicking the ‘X’ button. A feature found on the title screen is an info button with the instructions to the game and four language options.

I enjoy the puzzles in Link-a-Pix Color, as most of the time they weren’t frustrating. It was fun to guess what I was creating while linking the pixels together.  The background music is upbeat and fun, but I did find it to be distracting at times.

I did notice a sort of bug in the game. At random times, the screen would darken a shade and go back to its normal brightness. To make up for this ‘bug’, I turned up the brightness of the system itself so the change of brightness wouldn’t be that noticeable. I found it quite distracting.

Overall, Link-a-Pix Color was an enjoyable little puzzle game. However, I feel $7.99 is too expensive for what you are getting and think it would be better priced at $4.99 at most. There isn’t anything particularly outstanding about this title, but I found it enjoyable all the same. If you’re a puzzle-lover looking for a quick pick-up-and-play game, this may be the game for you.