When Nintendo announced Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer during April’s Nintendo Direct, very little information was given in regards to Amiibo Cards. Well, it turns out the 125 year old company seems to be approaching the card model in a similar fashion as Pokemon The Card Game.

Amiibo cardsImage above depicts shiny holographic Amiibo Cards from E3 2015

According to Nintendo’s official Japanese website, Amiibo Cards will be bundled at random within booster packs and will eventually extend the series of cards later down-the-road. The website also states the first wave of Amiibo Cards will be set at 100 cards total. Three cards will be included in each booster pack and some packages may include shiny holographic cards.

Amiibo Cards are currently set to be utilized with Nintendo’s latest Animal Crossing title for Nintendo 3DS, Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer, and will require an NFC Reader for those currently without the New Nintendo 3DS model.

Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer is scheduled to launch on July 30.