• Welcome back, Pure Nintendo fans, as we continue to take a look at the line up of fighters available to you in ARMS, the newest IP from Nintendo releasing on June 16th for the Switch. For those who missed it, be sure to check out part one where I talked about my experiences with Spring Man and Helix. For now though, our focus today will be on the two divas of ARMS, Ribbon Girl and Twintelle.

Ribbon Girl is a Pop Star who excels in aerial combat

While at first glance some might assume Ribbon Girl would control very similarly to Spring Man, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Ribbon Girl’s ability to double jump gives her superior control in the air, and stringing together a mid-air jump with a dash can make her a difficult target to hit. The slapamander ARMS attachment compliments her style of play very well, and it was really satisfying to hit my opponents from the air with a curve shot via the whip-like appendage.

Since she is a Pop Star, it makes sense that Ribbon Girl’s stage would be a brightly-lit concert stage. Pillars in the center of the room will randomly rise and fall, both hindering and helping your cause. Ribbon Girl is really at home here because she can easily dance past the rising columns that will be more of a bother to her opponents. I had a real blast using Ribbon Girl, and if attacking from above seems like your kind of tactic, you should give her a try.

Not even her foes can withstand the star power emanating from Twintelle.

Ribbon Girl is the Pop Star of the ARMS universe, so naturally my next fighter I chose to try playing as was the movie star of the ARMS world, Twintelle. The main draw of Twintelle is her ability to stun her opponents with her stardom, thus slowing down their incoming attacks so you can narrowly escape. While this ability is very useful and satisfying to pull off, I found myself having a harder time nailing down the timing. In order to slow down an attack, you have to briefly hold down the dash button before Twintelle struts her stuff. Getting the charge ready as soon as your opponent readies their attack takes quick reflexes, but the reward is great. This doesn’t mean that Twintelle is a bad character, however, just be aware that you might need to put in some practice if you have your heart set on using her.

Twintelle’s stage takes place just outside a big movie theater, presumably just after a big premiere, judging by all of the limousines present. You can use these cars as cover which can save you from taking the full force of an opponent’s charged attack in a pinch. Using the cars as cover in tandem with Twintelle’s stun ability can make her deadly in this arena. Although I had some trouble getting the timing down for Twintelle’s move set, I still think that she is a great character to  play as, and I can definitely see her being a deadly foe in the right hands. If you’re quick on the trigger finger, Twintelle may be your fighter of choice.

Four fighters down, six more to go! Have you used either Ribbon Girl or Twintelle in the ARMS Global Test Punch yet? Are you planning to main as either one of them, or are you looking forward to using another character I have yet to cover? I’d love to hear your opinions in the comments, and be sure to check back in tomorrow as I share my experiences with the next batch of characters!