When we last left off from our ARMS fighter coverage, we took a closer look at the different fighting styles of the Divas of ARMS, Ribbon Girl and Twintelle. For today, I thought it would be more fun to go in the opposite direction and try out Master Mummy and Kid Cobra. If you haven’t seen parts one or two of our ARMS preview, be sure to do so. If you’re all caught up, then let’s uncoil the secrets of the living dead!

Master Mummy can dish out a terrifying amount of damage.

It should be pretty obvious from his appearance, but Master Mummy is the tank of the game, dishing out the damage with his heavy ARMS attachments, and using his ability to heal as he defends when he can. He may not be as fast as some of the other competitors, but since Master Mummy doesn’t flinch from a normal attack, he can brute force his way through a flurry of punches and still come out on top. I usually tend to stay away from the slow, heavy-hitter characters in other fighting games, but despite this I still found Master Mummy to be quite fun. One tactic I found useful was to bait your opponent into going in for a grapple attack by having Master Mummy defend and start healing himself. Once you see the pair of arms coming for you, a well-aimed punch through the center can cancel the grapple and leave your foe wide open for an attack.

Master Mummy’s stage fits in with the graveyard/living dead theme that he has going on, and it is fun to battle in when you want a break from the more bright and cheery arenas you usually spar in. For those who want to put pressure on their enemies by coming in hot and heavy with the attacks, Master Mummy is sure to please, just be sure to practice countering those grapples to really make use of his healing powers.

With fast reflexes, Kid Cobra gets back into the fray quicker than anyone else.

Much like his name would suggest, Kid Cobra is a speedy character, able to effectively dash around and rebound after being knocked down quickly. Most of his ARMS attachments have the ability to make sharp curve shots, which is perfect for a character that is always on the move. I really enjoyed the personality that they put into Kid Cobra, as he shrugs off any hits he’s taken by saying “That’sssssss alright” as he is picking himself back up, and it might have been my imagination, but I could have sworn I heard him say “sssssalt” during one of his victory poses. Regardless, for those who want to pull off tricky shots, Kid Cobra is your guy.

Kid Cobra’s stage, the skate park is probably my favorite stage in the game, due to the spinning discs you get to use while you battle. Riding atop the discs gives even the slowest characters much more speed and maneuverability, so trying to keep your opponent off their ride brings a king of the hill vibe to your fights here. Kid Cobra is fast and stylish, and anyone who wants to impress their friends with tricky curve shots will enjoy playing as him.

As we inch closer to the release of ARMS on June 16th, do either of these characters sound like they would fit your play style? Which ARMS fighter is your favorite overall? I’d love to know what you think in a comment below! As always, be sure to check back tomorrow for part 4!