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A average joe during the week, but a certified astronaut on the weekends, my biggest goal is to get Kevin to finally play Kingdom Hearts 358/2 with me.
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Live E3 Nintendo Stream
12 years ago

Live E3 Nintendo Stream

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Nintendo will be having a live stream which can be found here. It begins at 9.00 AM PST, so be sure to clear your schedule! Follow James’s Twitter feed too, …
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Super Mario Bros. 3 Never Existed

By  •  Potpourri

This is absolutely nuts. It’s like everything I know is a lie. Next thing I know, they’ll be telling that Duke Nukem Forever isn’t coming out this year.


Introducing Theo Brown: A Humble Opinion- iPhone vs DS Gaming

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Editor Note

Let me introduce our newest member to the purenintendo crew, Theo Brown. Kevin and I have known Theo for a few years now and I am sure he will be a big part of our world domination. Theo is a hard core Nintendo and movie fan. He brings his fresh ideas and skills in cinematography to the table already full of greatness. I am excited to see what Theo has in-store for all of us. For now, enjoy his first thoughts.

So, here at Pure Nintendo we attempt to find out new stuff about, well, Nintendo. Like my mom when she found out I was getting black eyes by older girls, we too don’t take too kindly when people make fun of Nintendo. So, before James, Justin, and Kevin pull me back into my cage, I would like to give my own, humble opinion, about how I feel about the iPhone owners telling me that the DS is a way of the past, and how their gaming experience is superior.

Really iPhoners? (Yes, I just made that up. And trademarked it.) Better gaming? Lets be honest here, you don’t even have any buttons. And no, mashing the general area of a screen doesn’t count. Of course, you can always shake the phone like your some sort of seizureing idiot. If that’s what gaming is to you, just buy some strobe lights or watch Pokémon. Hmm, convulsing on the ground? Yep, looks like the same “experience” to me.

And more game selection? I’d have an easier time trying to explain the difference between the colors green and emerald to Stevie Wonder than find an actual good game on the iPhone. It’s funny, you iphoners need to keep buying little apps that do the EXACT SAME THING, while I, on the other hand, have kept Mario Kart in my DSi for the past 11,394 years, and still haven’t gotten tired of it.

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